Biosolwens LUX is a original boar semen extender developed together with The National Research Institute of Animal Production in Balice.It enables to store diluted boar semen for 5–8 days at room temperature 15–20°C. 

biosolwens lux

The product provides:

  • Acrosomal integrity,
  • Plasma membrane functionality,
  • Chromatin preservation,
  • Higher motility,
  • Higher conception rate,

Product advantages:

  • Very good solubility (max 4 min.),
  • Storage in room temperature,
  • High quality of starting material,
  • Constant quality control,
  • Proven on many farms,
  • Exported to many countries,
  • High quality of product and good price!

Boar semen extender contains a suitably selected ingredients, which protect the acrosome and the cell membrane of sperm from damage. It comprises an antibiotic – lincomycin.

Directions for use:
The content of the sachet must be disolved in an appropriateamount of moderately warm, distilled or deionized water (38-40°C) and mix gently. Store and transport the diluted semen in positive temperatures (15-20°C).

Unopened sachets store in dry, dark place in room temperature.

Product indicated for swine to semen of boar. It enables to store diluted boar semen for 5-8 days at room temperature 15-20°C.

Not known.

Withdrawal period is not required.

Folic sachets/bags containing extender in form of powder to dilution in 1l (41,5g), 5l (207,5g), 10l (415g), 50l (2075g) of water.

Expire date:
12 months since production date.